Saint Emilion (not a saint)


Our first day in the Bordeaux region, Jeff is already antsy. Lucky for me he has already planned a day long adventure. We are going to the medieval village of Saint Emilion, the village was founded and named after a famous monk that performed a couple of key miracles involving bread (and it wasn’t that he could resist it at the dinner table). First we saw his house (stinky cave) where he lived, he slept on a rock bed, had a rock chair, and no discernable cabinets for his kitchen (did we mention he lived in a cave?). Rough. One fun function of the rock chair? Apparently it is considered a fertility chair, no I did not sit on it despite prompting from our guide.


One of the notable features of this village is that it has the largest underground cathedral i.e. cave  ( are you noticing a theme?). The village is everything you would think a medieval French village should be limestone houses, matching roofs, adorable cobblestone streets, little shops with things you probably shouldn’t be eating in them. The kicker is that there are a number of michelin rated restaurants, we chose one called L’ Huitrier Pie. Pro tip in France when eating lunch always get the chef special. It is a 3 course meal to die for, we scored again today.


We finished our day with some sparkling wine (rare in Boredeaux) at Les Cordeliers. They are set up to give you a picnic basket with wine and cheese, they have a cloister and a garden for enjoying. It was beautiful and the sparkling wine was very good (Cannot call it champagne unless it is from that region). All in all we would go back and we definitely would recommend this city (including the caves).


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