Medoc and tours


Wine tour day! Today I (Jeff) put us on a tour to visit a few chateaus in one of the most prestigious wine regions in the entire world- the Medoc region. This region became especially famous after Napoleon lll designated vineyards into grand Cru classes. There are 5 levels with 1 being the most prestigious  (we are talking minimum of 400 euro per bottle and way up)- unfortunately we didn’t have the connections to make a tasting happen at a 1. The wineries we did book at were level 3 and 4 and a newer Vinyard unclassified.


Tall about serious business! These vineyards were massive and had incredibly sophisticated computer systems processing data to help make the exact wine intended- the vineyards produce so much and at such a high value you either need to be a large corporations or a billionaire to own one of these- not much has changed since the 19th century either- the owners would show off their wealth by building bigger and nicer chateaus than their neighbor’s creating the most over-the-top Chateau anywhere (architecture from all over the world so I encourage it)-


All of the wine we tried was delicious- although after seeing the pains, precision and technology used to  make this wine it took a little of the romance out for me- my call – delicious wine, but predictably delicious. I am leaning towards the Saint Emilion area where the smaller, local owners takes a few risks and may not always produce the most delicious wine, but certainly a memorable one-


Chateaus visited:

Chateau Prieure-Lachine (Grand Cru Classe)

  • Stored in Cement before barreling
  • Grapes never smashed (fruit is respected)

Chateau Fourcas Hosten

  • Lost 40% of yield to frost in 2017
  • Owned by French brothers trying to rebuild its reputation

Chateau Lagrange (Grand Cru Classe)

  • Owns the highest point in the Medoc region (20 meters)
  • Stored in stainless steel before barreling

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