Au revoir Paris


So Jeff and I just left Paris. I swear Jeff almost cried. Yes that is how much Jeff loves Paris, as much as the Broncos but maybe slightly less than King Soopers( yeah it worries me too). We have already started scheming for our return, this time we were able to hit:

  • Notre Dame (Church and the tower)
  • The Louvre grounds (Last time we did the museum tour)
  • D’Orsay Museum
  • Opera House (Next time we will do an interior tour.)
  • Eiffel Tower
  • Rue de la Commerce
  • Lafayette Mall
  • The Seine river
  • O Chateau wine tour
  • Cave de Louvre wine tour
  • Lots of statues and artwork around the city.

What we are seeing next time:

  • Tour of inside of Opera house
  • Meal on the River Seine
  • Rue de Commerce (again)
  • As many gastronomy restaurants as we can find
  • Versailles (they say you have to to it once?)
  • Picasso museum
  • More museums (future self get on this!)
  • Go to the Jewish district
  • Go to the French Open
  • Flea market in Paris

20170529_151205We arrived in Bordeaux via train 3.5hrs later. Jeff rents a Volvo S60 D4 for our drive (Once again he is in love). We rip through miles of rolling hills and vineyards. To say this area is picturesque is an understatement. Everywhere we look there are chateaus and everyone with an acre has a Vineyard. When we arrive at our Chateau we are unsure of how anyone navigated before gps…..

The Chateau itself is beautiful, surrounded by roses, farmlands, and vineyards it is something out of a fairytale. We are both in shock that places like this exist. Wishing you were all here with us!

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