Feeling Gothic

I have to admit the weather was not what I was thinking. I thought since we were on the med it would be wicked hot like Paris 90F, not the case at all, it’s been 68F. My predictions have been totally off, I am officially fired from packing, my track record is about as good as a CO weather mans. With the humidity it feels a bit muggy but not quite warm enough to be T-shirt weather. We are thinking next time mid June (us and every other tourist) will be perfect. I realize Colorado has made me into a weather paranoid weirdo, it’s just part of the package (Jeff is actually pretty comfortable).


Today was explore the Gothic district day, (Barcelona Cathedral: this one had an elevator to the top)


we had intended to see the Picasso museum today but settled for the gift shop when we saw that the line wrapped around the block. Then there were so many shops we kind of forgot to go back until it was too late. I have to say once again excellent people watching, I discovered a sunglasses shop named etnia barcelona that makes its sunglasses from acetates from the 1970s recovered from Milan. The patterns at the temples were so unexpected and fun!


(note to self: you want the Jordaan sunglasses from the vintage series)


We stopped for empanadas at La Fabrica, shocker the chicken Thai one was my favorite. The price was excellent and everything we picked was so good! Then I forced Jeff to try on a countless number of sports coats, to appease me he told me we would make a trip back for shopping (it is in the blog now you can’t take it back!). In an attempt to find out more about Spanish wines we stopped into a wine shop and gave the attendant a headache. We found out that the traditional Spanish wines were more structured and intense in a attempt to be more like the French. The wine has taken an unexpected turn recently with the Spanish youth wanting more fruit forward wines. So of course we bought one of each (For tomorrow).


( Jeff double fisting: I know its a bad habit)

Our afternoon cocktails and dinner drinks were mojitos, (Nerd fact:) turns out the drink was invented by Sir Francis Drake when his ship got dysentery and scurvy South American Indians gave him the ingredients and bam! Summer Barcelona drink of choice (Note:Invented in Cuba, Jeff likes to be geographically accurate). Dinner was another Sevier recommend Gourmet tapas by Sensi, he has several restaurants in the Gothic district. So good! Definitely get a reservation.

So tired, more tours of Gaudi’s Architecture tomorrow, yay!




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