Pirates in Bordeaux


We are on the train to Barcelona so I thought I would recount yesterday for you guys. It was a pretty rainy, soggy morning. Jeff was bummed but I am just telling myself that France is sad to see us leave. We tried to shop (somewhat successful), got cold and stopped into a Thai place for lunch. Yes we got the pad Thai (shocker) for some reason American pad Thai has a reddish sauce on it, the pad Thai here doesn’t. We are feeling lied to and need to go to Thailand to verify this American atrocity (or try some new Thai places back home).


Jeff never gets tired of selfies just fyi. After lunch, more shopping! We bought some very french things and some maybe not so french things.

20170603_153836(My fav wine of the day)

Then we came across a wine shop that had all the wines in dispensers so you can walk around and try them all. I am currently trying to figure out how to get one in my kitchen. Dangerous? Or best invention ever?


We may or may not have caved and gone to see pirates of the carribean. The french movie commercials were so different from anything we would have seen back home. The movie itself was good… Jeff found out that we missed fireworks on the river while we were in the movie. Ce la vie. We finished yesterday by going back to L’entrecote, Jeff loved it just as much as he did the first time. We still can’t figure out the sauce.

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