Notre Don’t


Sometimes I think that someone will read this and think to themselves; There is no way any one couple has this many blonde moments in one day. Well believe it, this is our lives and today we forgot our tickets to the museum D’Orsay. Apparently Jeff put them in the backpack thinking they would be safe and I cleaned out the backpack for efficiency purposes….you know, good relationship communication practices.


We got to Notre Dame later than we wanted to because…well…sleep…duh. That said the tour of the towers is totally worth the ridiculous line, word to the wise (er than us) get there at 8:30, it opens at 10. There are no tickets you can buy to skip the Disney esque wait (We wish and we certainly saw enough people try.). Also if you are so inclined bring an oxygen tank there are a LOT of stairs ( good news is you won’t need Stair Master after your croissant).

20170527_105755And yes we went back to the hotel for our tickets, we used a taxi after our rail line was randomly closed for maintenance. The number just had a big X through it, weird, but we took it as a sign. On to the touristy goodness Museum D’Orsay is amazing, they just opened a new Van Gough exhibit. Yes there are tickets to skip the line, buy them online, also worth it. At the desk on the left side of the entrance there are audio tours, GET ONE. The French do not put any english notes next to the artwork which as you can imagine can make things difficult.


Le Coq Rico- Le filet de canette laquee aux epices (Crispy duck with white asparagus, and puree broccoli)

The duck skin is the perfect texture with a spicy brown pepper sauce, the interior is medium rare and cooked perfectly. – The asparagus is good and the puree is okay. I am obsessed with the sauce they have used for the duck easily in my top 5 for duck.

Red Wine: Francois Crochet- Sancerre- Millesime

(No sommelier this time so I will do my best. Medium acidity, clean taste due to moderate tannins, ripe red fruit, cherries, and a hint of almond flavor)

Sancerre is very popular in France right now due to the good quality with a lower price point. Usually Sancerre is a white wine which is why when we saw the red we had to have it!

Fun Fact

  • In the US we label our wines by the grape varietal.
  • In France all wines are labeled by their region and AOC. Each region specializes in a different type of grape so by looking at the geographical location the French know what type of grape they are getting!

We finish with the pear brioche chef special served with ice cream, the result is magical. The scene of us getting back to the hotel not so magical, yes we ate too much, no we have not learned.

3 thoughts on “Notre Don’t

  1. First of all…..could you two be more adorable? Second of all, what a fantastic time!….Third of all…..Whitney would be proud of your wine description Sarah!

    PS….I hope you’re making a french baby! 😉


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