Day 1- The Honeymoon Excursion


We thought we were killing it. Up on time, to the airport with 2hrs to spare for our 8AM flight. When we arrived at the front of the boarding pass line the attendant looked at Jeff’s passport and told us we couldn’t go on our trip.

The reason? France requires 3 full months left on your passport before expiration to allow you in the country. Say what!? Yes, they are not fooling around and there are no exceptions. Jeff is 3 days past his 3mo limit.
Both of us are losing our minds at this point, thankfully a United manager told us about the passport office in Aurora. She moved our flight to 2PM and off we went like a bat out of hell.
First we went to Walgreens and got Jeff a new passport picture, from there we sped over to the passport office. We are the first in line and after a metal detector and a pat down we are at the first window. 3 help windows and 1hr 15min later Jeff has a brand new passport. (Mind=Blown)
We uber back to the airport at 10:15 and page the United manager, she somehow gets us on the 10:55 plane to Newark. 3rd plane itinerary change of the morning.
We race through security, tolerate the uncontrollable speed of the train, and make it to the gate just in time for group 2 boarding. Whoa. Plane is on time, we land in Newark. Jeff requests to be moved up from the 8pm flight to Paris to the 5:50pm flight to Paris  (our original connection before the passport fiasco).
Eight hours later we land in Paris and somehow after 4 itinerary changes our bag is waiting for us. Our train breaks down on the way in to Paris from the airport but now somehow we are in our hotel in Paris (picture from points hotel room).
To be continued….

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